A Hispanic-Croatian-American actor, filmmaker, content creator and activist who primarily seeks out roles of rebellious teenagers who appear confident and charismatic, yet under the surface are dealing with deep internal strife, trauma and/or mental illness. As a polyamorous, pansexual individual, they are passionate about creating work that depicts stories centering around underrepresented communities so that topics, often not told at all, will be discussed and destigmatized.


They secured Production Coordinating jobs with Blackmagic Collective, Heart On Fire Productions and became a Creative Producer for The Nerd Couple Show all at the beginning of 2021. They went on to help create and became the Initiative Director for Blackmagic Collective's newest Career Advancement Diversity InitiativeEmerging Actors. This is an eight month intensive program for vetted professional actors who have starred in several indie projects and are being guided their first guest star television and/or studio feature role.

Although the youngest of the Emerging Actor fellows, Kayla has already been making a mark for themselves. They have starred in several award-winning films including Cazadora and Udhaare Supne (Borrowed Dreams); as well as the soon-to-be-release web series pilot You’ve Got This and films D!NG and Ocean Avenue. They recently worked their first year as a Scare Actor at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2021 and won the award for Scare Actor of the Year.

Kayla also decided to launch a Youtube channel called Positively Kayla Marie in February of 2021 where they discuss and normalize taboo topics whilst embracing individuality and being positive and uplifting others.  They also use that platform to organize monthly beach and environment clean-ups in and around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.